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The answer is more than you’d think!

Here at CLOC we are incredibly proud to both be looking after the environment and keeping it Eco-friendly whilst we print your amazing works and for being recognized for our effort in doing so, having won the green apple award numerous times over a course of years (including last year) as well as being recognized as a 5 star member of the green organisation. (Learn more HERE)

As a result the awards ceremony was a huge on for us and this is what Roger Wolens, national organizer of the awards, said: “To show continued interest in environmental issues during the current financial climate shows great foresight and they deserve the recognition of being Green Apple Award winners.”

Cloc environmental champion Oliver Thomas said receiving the award was “a proud day for the company”.

Saying: “It is fantastic to know the great efforts that we are making every day are being recognized in this manner and that the confidence we have shown in our policies and procedures is being justified.”

Here are some of the methods we use to keep our urban footprint to a minimum:

As a company we want to be able to both sustain ourselves as well as the environment that we work in as well as on a larger scale also. Most UK based printing services are not too concerned with being Eco-friendly or giving too much thought about their footprint, that’s why we will continue to follow our methods and be greener than the rest.

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