Printing services designed for self-publishers

Self-publishers – we salute you! If it wasn’t for brave people like you, we’d certainly be a lot better at twiddling our thumbs. To show our appreciation, we have evolved over the years to offer everything the self-publisher is ever likely to require. Whether you are a maths teacher producing your first learner book, a budding photographer testing the market to see whether you can justify a career change or someone who simply wants to produce a book of memories to give to your grandchildren – you’ve come to the right place. We have helped countless self-publishers start their journeys, many of whom are really rather famous now and thankfully haven’t forgotten us!

We’ll support you through every decision you’ll need to make, whether it concerns artwork setup or all the options you’ll have at your disposal – what paper? what binding? what can elevate your product to the next level and beyond? We aren’t some goliath machine that will simply view you as a number on a spreadsheet – we care as much as you do. The books we produce are as much a reflection on us as they are on you and if we can be the final ingredient that converts all your effort into a fantastic product, we simply couldn’t be happier.

CLOC as a business, is full to the brim with creative people, many of whom have previously self-published. We understand that your book is very important to you and in some circumstances, could even be lifechanging. Watching all your efforts turn into a printed book is very exciting and we want to share the experience with you.

How does CLOC help self-publishers?

  • The UK’s cheapest printer for a wide range of the most commonly ordered book specifications
  • Print On Demand available from as little as 1 copy
  • Very fast turnaround available, even when ordering 100+ books (1-2 days to print, bind and deliver)
  • 400+ years of experience across our staff team
  • Artwork and Design Team ready to help correct/improve your files
  • Multi-award winning in the fields of quality and environmental business
  • Very wide range of printing and binding machinery, allowing us to create highly bespoke products for our self-publishing customers

Self-publishing a book

We’ve supported self-publishers for more than 40 years – are you the next customer of ours to become a household name? We hope so!

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