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Flat pricing

The ‘Flat Pricing’ method is an excellent solution for returning simplified predictable low-unit pricing, ideal for:

  • topping up stocks
  • trialling new products (or product lines)
  • simplifying pricing to create uniformity across orders placed

‘Flat Pricing’ is suitable for low volume print runs, up to 750 units.

How it works:

An agreed cost is applied to 1 unit (book, poster, whatever is relevant). The unit cost is calculated against pricing bands that are defined between clocbookprint and the customer. For example, the lowest pricing band typically covers orders placed for 1-100 units.

For this example, let us assume that it will cost £10.00 to produce a single unit on its own, and that the price per unit will drop significantly to £0.80 if 50 units are produced at the same time.​

Through analysing your annual ordering patterns, we will agree to set a standard unit price that covers any order placed within a given pricing band. Using the above example, we may set the unit price at £2.00. For any orders within the agreed 1-100 unit pricing band, you receive a price per unit of just £2.00. You are now free to order without waste, benefiting from a simplified unit price that provides the ability to keep a close eye on margins without any constrictions of batch-ordering. In layman’s terms, you will be able to order 1 unit for £2.00, or 99 units for £2.00 each.

This solution is viable for clocbookprint as over time, losses that are accrued against low volume orders are balanced by the higher margins available on larger volume orders within the same pricing band.

clocbookprint can provide your organisation with a similar unit price for each relevant product, and there is no limitation with regards to the number of pricing bands that can be set. For example, you may require the following bands for one or all of your products: 1-99 units, 100-199 units, 200-499 units, 500-999 units, etc. clocbookprint will provide a flexible structure that is tailored to your annual spend, volumes ordered, types of products required, suitable pricing bands, geographic location, etc.

This service is highly favoured by many large-scale publishers that work with clocbookprint. If you would like to discuss your requirements, please contact our team today.