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On demand book printing UK

Print On Demand or POD as it’s often called, is a service that we specialise in – in fact, it’s what most people know us for. If you require short-run book printing and need it crazy quick, give yourself a pat on the back, you’ve certainly come to the right place.

With Print on Demand, you can order as little as 1 copy of your book and due to the somewhat ridiculous 1.6 billion page printing capacity we have, you’ll be able to sit at home in your favourite armchair and read a printed, bound and beautiful copy of your book within 1-2 days.

POD is as useful for the budding novelist, intrepidly entering the world of literature with their very first effort, as it is for the home cook that simply wants to give a friend a book of their favourite recipes. Whether the intention is to one day have 1000s of books printed, or if this single copy is all there will ever be, Print On Demand is the ideal starting point.

We love POD, why should you?

  • Above average royalties if you intend to sell your book
  • Perfect for independent self-publishing
  • No large upfront printing costs
  • Better for the environment with less wastage, only print what you need!
  • Offers a dry-run solution to check books before costlier and larger printing runs
  • No need to risk printing lots of copies of an unproven product
  • Very fast turnaround available, indeed!
  • CLOC offer the full complement of our services Print On Demand – POD without limits!

Almost all of our customers use CLOC for Print On Demand services. For super competitive, very quick short-run print – you can’t go wrong with CLOC.